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I've now been a homeschool parent for 10 years. During that time, I've participated in numerous homeschool groups in the Southwestern United States as well as the East Coast.

Yahoo Groups seem to be the best place to find homeschooler's in your area. Another great way to find groups is to google "homeschool STATE" with the state you are in replacing the word STATE.

I had the wonderful good fortune of participating in a homeschool co-op while living in New Mexico. We literally rented a home and gathered there often for group classes, support, and social events. Now on the East Coast, we participate with multiple home education groups for classes and fun.

Scroll down for some great homeschool ideas:



Factory Tours:



Reading and Book Clubs:

There was a question on one of the homeschool yahoo groups about whether parents made assignments related to reading or if they just let their kids read for the enjoyment of it.

One mom offered this advice (shared with permission):

When I used to teach High School I would have the students read the book first and then watch the movie. They would then have to write a Movie Review stating whether or not the movie producers and/or directors did a good job of interpreting the text and then they would do a Siskel and Ebert type of presentation. I did this in literature classes and history classes I taught (i.e. did they do a good job with Pocahontas) and the kids LOVED it!! It made them create a writing and speaking assignment and also crossed genres and content areas.

Oh, another thing the student liked in both Literature and History was the Bill and Ted assignment. If you have never seen the film, it follows two guys who need to pass history to graduate high school. They are supposedly important to the future, so this man from the future comes to visit them and helps them "collect" historical figures of importance for their project. With either a novel or a period of history, students can "collect" characters and in the character' s persona explain why they were important.

. . . we used to actually build a phone booth like in the movie and it was HYSTERICAL!!!

*Bri Adams *

Thanks Bri for sharing these great ideas.


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