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Great Educational History Movies and Videos for Homeschool & Homework Online

In my opinion, nothing teaches history better than a well done video or movie.



Please keep in mind your child's age and sensitivity level when choosing videos for education. Just because I have listed a particular video or a particular site does not mean it is necessarily appropriate for your child(ren).

This website helps you determine the appropriateness of certain movies for your children.


Scroll down for great history movie and video links

Great Educational History Videos and Movies for Learning Online:


Great History Movie Choices

Here are just a few of the history videos and movies we've watched for homeschool.

America, the Story of Us - a truly great series about American History. I highly recommend this series. For a study of U.S. history, I can't imagine a better resource.

Ancient Greece - Crucible of Civilization - goes into a lot of detail about the history and life of Ancient Greece. It was a great addition to what we were reading for history at the time.

Ken Burns America - Statue of Liberty. We had already visited the Statue of Liberty. This video gave us a much greater understanding of the statue and it's history.

Lewis and Clark Great Journey West by National Geographic - This is a wonderful recreation, originally done of IMAX. We learned a lot.

Invictus - about Nelson Mandela. A very inspiring movie that gave depth to our understanding of Africa and Nelson Mandela.

Empires: Kingdom of David the Saga of the Israelites - We learned a great deal by watching this series. Very insightful and very well done.

Ken Burns the Civil War - Even though we were doing a study of the Civil War period, we found this series too graphic for our taste. We abandoned it in the first segment.

Night at the Museum - O.K. it isn't really a historical film. But it does mention several things from history. I think movies like that help kids find history a lot more interesting. Another one along that line is National Treasure and National Treasure 2.

This was just a sample of the movies we've seen for education. They can be purchased through Amazon. Many of them are also available through Netflix or your local library.


Netflix is my first choice for videos and movies about history, or any other topic. There are numerous great movies, documentaries, and video series offered by Netflix that cover every topic you can imagine. We use it practically every day for education and entertainment.

Instantly watch from thousands of TV episodes & movies streaming from Netflix. Try Netflix for FREE!

To search for others inside Netflix, under genres, you can choose documentaries. Once inside there, you can then choose historical documentaries, biographical documentaries, and several other choices. Documentaries by PBS, the History Channel, and BBC are typically very well done.


History Educational Movie and Video Links:

http://www.history.com/topics - The History Channel. I've given you the link to the entire topics list. There are many videos and movies available from all historical time periods.

http://www.biography.com/video/index.jsp - Regular Biography Channel. This link takes you to the video main page. There are many choices for individuals both current and from the past. Link for the search age on Biography: http://www.biography.com/search/

http://freevideolectures.com/Subject/History/VideoCourses/Page1 - Free Video Lectures about History. Numerous topics being discussed by professional educators.

http://www.cosmolearning.com/history/ - Cosmo Learning History.


Visit this link for additional history resources online




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